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I begin each day by reading the Word of the Day that Oxford English Dictionary has dutifully dropped into my email inbox.  I read the Word of the Day on the screen of my iPhone alongside a cup of green tea mixed with a spoonful of Green Mountain Bee Farm’s pure Vermont wildflower honey in the kitchen of Sunrise Spot.  IMG_5847
Sunrise Spot is what my significant other, Sawyer, and I have dubbed our quaint one-bedroom apartment in Burlington Vermont’s Old North End.  This morning ritual has gotten me through many taxing days at work, and I am glad for it.  My Word of the Day with my hot cup of tea has become a simplistic sanctuary in a world that seems – at the moment – to be far too busy.

My newfound passion for living simply has blessed me with many things, including a (mostly) peaceful space that allows for work to be completed and an extreme appreciation of time.  My journey through life is just as roughly-hewn as everyone else’s, but I am now learning to slow down amidst all the hectic activity surrounding me and appreciate that roughness, the unevenness of my life.

What I mean by living simply is truly “living with less”.  I have found that, after nearly twenty-six years of life, I have accumulated stuffStuff, by my own definition, is a stockpile of acquired things that I just wouldn’t miss if it disappeared one day.  I have begun the process of purging myself and the Sunrise Spot of this overflow of stuff and – Sawyer and I have both found that – there is more to do in our cheerful little apartment with less stuff around than there had ever been with my amassed piles.

I wanted this digital space to reflect the simplicity I have adopted in my own life.  As part-Native American, I have a great appreciation for Native heritage.  Cornhusk dolls have been a Northeastern Native tradition since the inception of corn agriculture.  Not only were cornhusk dolls given to Native children as toys, but they have also been known to play a part in sacred healing ceremonies.  This dual purpose enclosed in such a simple, natural design is what I hope to capture here: the duality that living a simpler, less cluttered life creates the opportunity to work more efficiently, rest more deeply, and heal.  Thus, this space has been designated CORNSILK DOLL, to accentuate the significance of living a beautiful life with less.

For anyone who has taken the steps to declutter their own lives, has begun the process of weeding out their unnecessary piles of stuff, or for those just thinking about the possibilities that might open up to them if they began simplifying their lives – I invite you to join me.  I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to grow in my own journey alongside others on a similar path.

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