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My Week in Commodities

I apologize forthwith for the amount of cat/cat paraphernalia that this week’s photomontage has in store for you… Living with two cats in a tiny apartment has all of its wonderful moments, as well as its trying ones, but it also has a lot of its things.


This lovely indoor veggie garden.IMG_6069.jpg


This TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) camera from 1966 that saw me through many a college photography class assignment (and that I still use today!).IMG_6071


These happy kittens and the best toy/sleeping spot/vantage point/safe haven/toy box ever, a cardboard box.IMG_6074


This Vermont Teddy Bear Company cuddle buddy for Penelope and Gatsby (yes, they actually do cuddle with it).IMG_6075


These two likenesses of what Sawyer and I will look like when we’re old and batty cat people (the photography displayed in this photograph is originally created by Vermont photographer Peter Miller) posted on our refrigerator.  The likeness of the cats in each photo is uncanny to our own kittens, right down to the sizes of their chest patches… IMG_6078


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