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My Week in Commodities

This week was ruled by long hours at work and flannels to combat the unseasonably chilly weather.  I’m happy to be celebrating the small things with you today as we begin a new week.


The Jemima’s crate that holds all of our winter accessories, usually tucked away in our living room closet.IMG_6194.jpg


Sawyer’s absolutely wonderful anniversary gift, left as a surprise for me on the dining table this morning.IMG_6151


My indoor jalapeño plant is flourishing with just the right amount of morning sunlight, watering and TLC.IMG_6187


Sawyer and I both worked long shifts at work on our anniversary today, so I thought I’d cook for him tomorrow night – hope they turn out as great as they sound!IMG_6149


With all the Harry Potter & the Cursed Child hype this week, I couldn’t help but crack open the first book in the series and start to reread.IMG_6193

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