My Week in Commodities

It has been an exciting week for us here: we’ve finally started a few preparations for our move out of state!  Between slowly finding new homes for some items and furniture, as well as donating or disposing of other items, Sawyer and I are weeding our way through what’s lovely and practical versus what’s unnecessary, both in our new home and current one.

I was also able to scope out a wonderful new couch for our soon-to-be common area!  Can’t wait to share it with you!


Receiving this card in the mail from an old friend was one of the brightest highlights of my week.  You can even see a couple of my kittens’ cat hairs on the coffee table next to this 100% accurate illustrated depiction of the everyday cat-mom. IMG_6347


These illustrations by Zoe Tilley Poster and Hilary Glass that remind me every day to smile and enjoy the things I love.IMG_6348


This pollen-covered side table, bearing my christmas cactus.IMG_6350


Yoko Ogawa has become one of my favorite authors almost overnight.  This book is eery and well-versed, with mind-bending situations that leave you pondering the significance of every unturned stone.IMG_6351


Tim Burton is one of my childhood (and adulthood) heroes, and I love that his book graces my now unused heat register as I nurture these two Dwarf Umbrella tree sprouts as parting gifts for a couple of friends (take a look at those root systems!). IMG_6355