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My Week in Commodities

This week marked the beginning of July.  July signifies much for our country, including the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776,  the Women’s Rights Convention was held in 1848, and Apollo 11 landed on the moon.  The month of July houses quite a few events that we should be proud of (as well some less than admirable events, too).

For me, July is my birthday month.  For Sawyer and I, this July signifies our last full month spent living in Vermont.  For our kittens, July 11th is their first ever birthday!  After this July, all of our lives will be forever changed, and I couldn’t be more excited for this stepping stone.

I hope everyone has a safe and celebratory holiday weekend!


This absolutely gorgeous photograph taken by local photographer CJ Hockett of three tufted titmice.IMG_6396


On a day when I needed some cheering up, Sawyer definitely pulled through for me with this adorable dinosaur ornament hand-painted by Julia Emilo.IMG_6403


Because kitten paws never get old (these dainty things belong to Penelope).IMG_6398


This Carol MacDonald block print sketchbook that I’m turning into a scrapbook of photographs from the past year.IMG_6408.jpg


This new misting can for all of my houseplants.IMG_6400


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