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On Our Going Away Party

This past weekend was an experiment in controlled chaos.  Sawyer and I hosted our going away party (GAP) on Saturday and we believe it couldn’t have been more of a success.  We both had friends and family stop by to support us and rummage through the mounds of belongings we had put up for rehoming.  I apologize for my absence here, but as I mentioned, we’ve been in a state of disarray since last Friday.  I’ve only just started compiling all the left-over treasures to be donated to item-appropriate places (GoodWill, Salvation Army, the local women’s shelter, etc.).

We had a total of 12 close friends and family stop by between 2:30-6 on Saturday.  We were able to sell/give away a plethora of our older or now unused treasures, and Sawyer and I have decided to put the money toward purchasing a beautiful, handcrafted bookshelf for our soon-to-be apartment in Philadelphia.  Waiting on perfection is sometimes a time-consuming activity, but we think that with the vast artist market in Philadelphia, we’ll be able to find something we adore without quite as much effort as it might take in other cities.

While I try to avoid making cornsilk doll an outlet for the overly sentimental, it’s impossible – especially within a lifestyle blog – to rule it out completely.  It filled me up with joy to see all my friends come through Sunrise Spot to say hello, lionize old stories and inside jokes, share a handful of treasures with each of them, and then to say goodbye.  For some of those friends, Saturday may have been the last time I’ll see them before I pull up stakes and move to Pennsylvania.  I couldn’t feel more blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends and allies, continually showing me love and support.  I was even able to spend time with friends preparing for the party by making signs with Katie or sorting through old treasures with Desiree.  The time I was able to share with them before, during, and after has been and will continue to be cherished.

For Sawyer and I, throwing our GAP wasn’t simply about giving away our treasures and saying goodbye to our friends, it was also a chance to connect with people who love us and support us in this next step along our journey.  My anxiety has been flaring up recently, causing my to consistently grind my teeth and slowly lose weight due to stress, but having such a show of friendship and compassion was inspiring.  I have acknowledged that I’m nervous for the move because I won’t know anyone in my new hometown, but I am excited to begin a new page in Philadelphia with Sawyer, and my friends constantly remind me how rewarding it will be to finally take the exodus from Vermont that I’ve been dreaming of for a handful of years.

While Sawyer and I may have earned ourselves some money from our rehomed treasures to put toward a new treasure of our own, that was not the most important thing that we gained on Saturday.  I want to reduce the meaning of the GAP to its most elemental form, despite the sentimentality, and thank everyone who came to visit Sawyer and I on Saturday.  The show of encouragement and best wishes from the people we’ve known for years has made us realize that even though we’re leaving Burlington, in their friendship we’ll always have a place to come back to.

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