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On How I Spent My Birthday

Today is my birthday!  This year is my golden birthday year or as I like to refer to it, my champagne year, and while I’m not a superstitious person, I think this year is off to a pretty great start just as the traditions point out.  Sawyer has been out and about since 8AM this morning with physical therapy for his injury and running a job for his company, so I decided to do something productive rather than sit around in the empty apartment all day.  Sawyer’s sister Brie is a design aficionado and DIY guru and I follow her blog and Instagram regularly for inspiration for my own projects.  I couldn’t help trying one of her projects today, when I had nothing but time on my hands, with a piece of old furniture that could use some sprucing up before the big move down to Philadelphia.

I have not yet outlined any DIY projects on my blog.  I want to say I’m an inexperienced DIYer, and I am certainly an overly eager DIYer.  But perhaps I’m just a shabby DIYer with an unrealistic perception of my abilities.  No – if I’m being honest – I’m just an excitable DIYer.  With all of this inspiration surrounding us, I will definitely be adding a DIY section to cornsilk doll, but today is not the day.  Today is the day to explain the experience I had while doing my DIY project.

I have never been much of a popular-trend follower.  I haven’t bought each season’s new installment of enameled jewelry dishes with inspiring quotes or a one word summary of life’s deepest mysteries.  My kitchen table is 23 years old.  The art I hang on my walls isn’t something that’s been mass-produced and shipped to a box store from a print house in China.  Like my clothing, I choose what is lovely, well-made, and suits me best when it comes to what I furnish my home with.  When I grow tired of a piece, or it becomes careworn, I like to fix it up in some way to give it new life rather than buy a replacement.

For my DIY project, I did a small piece of furniture in a dipped style – the closest I’ll ever get to trend-following when it comes to my furniture.  I can’t wait to share the results with you, but the process was extremely rewarding.  Instead of feeling sad that I wasn’t spending time with anyone on my birthday morning/early afternoon, I spent my time sanding down a worn-down wooden plant stand, removing its legs, and painting it a Moonstone Ring color.  Once the paint had dried, I measured out a 4.5” length from the bottom of the legs up and spray painted that portion a lovely light aqua color.  The entire process took about five hours at a leisurely pace.  I was able to set up my drop cloth outside on the grass in my parents’ lawn with their dog nearby for company.  It was a slightly cloudy day with periods of gorgeous sunshine breaking through.  There was a slight breeze.  I had a wonderful morning doing this project, instead of having a lonely one at home wondering when Sawyer might get home from the doctors’.

I am thankful to have chosen to do something productive and enjoyable with my time rather than worry about what the next step is in preparation for our move, or clean the bathroom tiles for the fourth consecutive day in anticipation of potential leasees coming to view the apartment.  I enjoyed an evening with my parents, sister, and Sawyer at Hen of the Wood only two blocks from Sunrise Spot and spent the rest of the evening playing Cards Against Humanity with them.  It has been a blessed day and I couldn’t be happier.  A thank you to all who have helped make it a special, sent me well-wishes, and kept me in their thoughts today!

To celebrate my special day, I have to share this super special photograph of Gatsby and Penelope enveloping me with so much joy that my heart might actually explode.  Thanks for the balloon, little bubs.IMG_6404.jpg

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