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Greetings from Philadelphia!

Another apology for my lack of presence in the digital world (hopefully this will be my last apology for a while, now that I am finally more grounded and settling in to my new home!).  Updates are necessary; the move from Burlington to the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia went well, despite two exhausted, hungry, and thoroughly dejected kittens in the back seat.  I have needed to wait to post this while Sawyer and I have been working on getting settled in Philadelphia, which included setting up our WiFi!

The cats have made the transition from Sunrise Spot to our new (more spacious) apartment in record time.  To think I had been worried is laughable now, but they are – Gatsby especially – nervous about change and having our things in boxes and bins was not easy to begin with.  Sawyer is excited to be back in his college town and to get back into his educational career, and I’m on the hunt for new employment.  We’ve all managed to transition fairly rapidly to this new place.  Now if only we could reign in the chaos that is getting everything set up in our new place.

The cool blue walls and soft carpet are very relaxing here, and the kitchen…I can’t say much more other than it feels like a little slice of paradise.  We couldn’t have gotten much more lucky in a space to live in than we did here.  As we slowly make this little Lagoon our home, we are finding special things that we love about it.  Sawyer’s favorite thing about the apartment is “the kitchen”, but when asked about specifics he elaborated on the open floorpan that creates a feeling of spaciousness even in a small apartment.  The kittens love having more space to roam around, and Gatsby especially loves the sprawl out on cool tiles in the doorway to the bathroom while still standing sentinel in the hallway.  Penelope likes watching the cars and people in the parking lot from the bedroom window where we put the cat condo.  I enjoy having the space to display my kitchenware in the beautiful dark cabinets.  I love that everyone is happy here.

Sawyer and I have taken the turtles’ approach to setting up our new apartment – rightfully named Lagoon for the tranquility it inspires – slow and steady wins the race.  We’ve almost hung up all of the art, we’ve successfully set up the kitchen, and we’re slowly clearing the floors and surfaces of debris.  We’re getting rid of everything that won’t be doing work for us and our new home.  Gathering ourselves and resimplifying our lives after a complex move to a different state feels like a breath of fresh air.

Tomorrow, I will be venturing into Center City for the day; an exploration I haven’t made yet and definitely wanted to do before my first week in Philadelphia comes to a close.  Sawyer will be taking me to a couple of his favorite spots and we’ll see a couple of places I’ve been looking forward to visiting as well (including Eastern State Penitentiary).  I’m looking forward to seeing the gorgeous old architecture of the city and experiencing the city life for my first time.

I am making a promise to myself and to you all to be more present here now that I have put down tentative new roots here in the City of Brotherly Love.  Well wishes to you all.IMG_6625.jpg

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