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On (Re)Decorating

Part of the excitement of moving to a new place was the fresh start that is promised when setting up a new life for yourself.  Not only have I relocated to a new place and must meet new people, find a new job, shop in new stores, but I have also created an opportunity for me to try something new when it comes to decorating my space.

When Sawyer and I were getting rid of things/giving things away from Sunrise Spot in anticipation for the move to Philly, one category in which we didn’t give much away in was decor.  Much of the art that we had hanging in Sunrise Spot has made it here to Lagoon as well.  Thankfully, the neutrals that I hold so dear as my aesthetic work incredibly well with the color of our new spaces’ walls.  A couple of pieces were acquired in anticipation of this move and went just as well in Sunrise Spot as they do in Lagoon, including these stunning photographs by Vermont artist Jon Olsen and the tufted titmouse photograph by CJ Hockett, another photographer from Vermont.  IMG_6626.jpg

However, a little bit more wall space, a new layout, and a fresh ambience provided by a new space allows for my inner interior designer to go wild with a novel style.  While some of my artwork upheld a sandy look against the soft yellow walls of Sunrise Spot, the tans and golds that were lovely but not invigorating on the walls in Burlington have been given vitalizing new power against the light blue walls of our Lagoon.  It has been both fun and centering to play with arrangement and color in my new apartment, and the activity has helped this place feel more like home earlier than I expected it to.

Among the decor that was discarded (because we did have to part with a few things!), we got rid of a couple of pieces that we had been hanging onto since our “younger years” – things from college, or even earlier, that we had outgrown but hadn’t had the heart to throw out or give away.  Sentimental items are always difficult, but cleaning out for new memories to take root is part of the reason why I chose this more simple lifestyle in the first place.  Sawyer and I decided on a specific theme for our new walls – handmade items from local artists.  Sawyer’s grandfather’s painting has a prominent place in Lagoon, above our new (and absolutely wonderful) mushroom-colored couch, and the Vermont photographers earned their places above our kitchen table.  My favorite bold-colored Rita Masso painting that has been featured in so many photographs on cornsilk doll has kept its spot of honor above our key and mail holder (and will soon have a frame of its very own).  IMG_6627

Apart from one item (the Lord of the Rings map given to me as a Christmas gift a couple years back), I know who made each of the pieces of art that we have adorning our walls.  That is something I am incredibly thankful for and proud of.  Not only am I showcasing Vermont artists in a different state, but I’m also supporting the local artist market that I worked for for half a year before leaving Burlington.  I am happy to say that everything hanging on my walls has a story behind that is specific to the journey that Sawyer and I have been on together.  There is something special about building up a visual story of our life together that I wouldn’t want to replace, ever.IMG_6629

While it was sad to part with some of the long-loved pieces that I’d been holding onto for so long, it is a refreshing new step in our lives as Sawyer and I create a new home for ourselves in Philadelphia.  This is a chance to reinvigorate and reinvent.  We are both incredibly excited with what new experiences are sure to be headed our way, so keeping it simple, straightforward, and thoughtful in our decor at home allows us to come home to a safe haven, somewhere we can both feel at home, despite the distance that separates us from our friends and family back in Vermont.

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