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On Returning to Simplicity & Birthday Celebrations!

This past Thursday was Sawyer’s birthday.  Both yesterday and Thursday were a return to the simplistic lifestyle we enjoy.  He was busy at school all day on Thursday and we didn’t get to do much in the way of celebrating his special day, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.  He did have a good time playing pool with a couple of his friends while in between classes and homework.  Yesterday, however, was a wonderful celebration.

We woke up late.  Had breakfast together.  Went for a walk.  Enjoyed having lunch with his mother and sister who were in town visiting relatives and were able to stop by (they seemed to really appreciate the beauty of our new little apartment, which made me incredibly happy).  We had a relaxing night in on the couch with a new television series we’ve been meaning to start but haven’t had the time (or maybe the motivation).  We went to bed late but fell asleep quickly.

There was something special about slowing down yesterday that seemed celebratory.  Not only were we celebrating Sawyer, we were also celebrating our transition into our new home, our small victories such as school and job searching.  We were able to move slow enough that we could truly appreciate the minute details that are often lost in the busy weekday schedule.  We appreciated just how lucky we are, and when we were able to do that – a great weight was lifted off our shoulders.  We began to settle down.  The stress of our move from Burlington to Philadelphia was finally cast aside and we are now able – two weeks later – to truly begin our lives in our new home.

My family grew up celebrating birthdays like kings and queens, whereas Sawyer’s family doesn’t make too much noise about their birthdays.  I am happy to say that we have found a happy medium between the two that works just right for us.  He received a card from me and a simple gift that I’d saved from my time at my previous job in the art gallery in Burlington, with a thoughtful, handmade gift on the way (it may take another week or so to be completed).  I am thankful that we’ve found a means of celebration that makes both of us feel cherished, loved, and special.IMG_6667.jpg

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