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On Friends, as Allies

Moving to Philadelphia seems like a tired excuse, but I know it’s part of the reason behind my less-than-motivated blogging this past week.  Now that I’m back at the keyboard again, it’s important to relay how I was able to refocus my energies into my writing.  I want to thank my close friends back in Vermont for allowing me to vent my frustrations, commiserate with me over the less-than’s in my life, and – most importantly – help me in rebuilding myself mentally when it comes to my lifestyle, writing, and sharing what I’ve learned.

Friends are allies.  When I was making the transition from my old lifestyle into the more simplified version that I sport today, my friends were my greatest cheerleaders.  My family didn’t quite understand the drive to become more minimalistic at first – the feeling of being uninformed is an uncomfortable one at best, and I completely understand their confusion – but become pillars of support entwined with my friends’ support systems when I was able to explain my change of heart to them.  I achieve a mental resilience that I wouldn’t otherwise procure because of the people in my life who offer me strength, comfort, and wisdom each and every day.

When I began my journey toward thoughtful simplification, I found it difficult.  I became frustrated with simple tasks and overwhelmed by the self-imposed workload.  When I shared my burden with my friends, Sawyer, and my family, the negative energy that had begun to pile itself on my shoulders began to lift.  With support and encouragement, I was able to continue down the path I had chosen – I was able to begin a new chapter in life thanks to the kindness and willingness of people to listen, commiserate, and offer guidance to their fellow human.

Today, on the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, I find it comforting to revel in the love and support that I feel from my friends and family.  The people who have become active participants in my life – both near and far – are the cornerstones of my life.  Donna Roberts, a senior economist for the US Department of Agriculture, has penned a way to interpret the feelings I have toward those I love and cherish in a more articulate manner than I could hope to accomplish in three times as many words: A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.

On a day such as today, it is important to take note, relish, and respect the many connections that human life is built upon.  Sometimes it is difficult to realize just how much you’ve accomplished simply because your parents, your siblings, your family and friends, believed in you and your abilities.  This blog post is dedicated to all those people who support, inspire, and guide me, as well as acting as testament to how much I love and appreciate them for all that they are and what they have helped me accomplish.  We are never alone unless we choose to be, and even then, solitude is difficult to achieve.

In my own space, I love to keep an area dedicated to appreciating human connection.  I fill that space with photographs of friends, family members, and loved ones.  It allows me to feel more connected to those people, even if there is distance between us.  Honoring the human network is part of my daily routine, as I don’t go a single day without glancing at those photos.


I would love to hear stories about how friends and family have supported you throughout your own endeavors, so please feel free to share your experiences with me!

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