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On A Simplified Holiday

This is a long overdue post.  I must thank you all for your patience as I slowly acclimate to having less time at home to enjoy the space I love.

Today is such a special day.  Sadly, I am not home in Vermont to celebrate this holiday with my family, and Sawyer is currently on-campus working on his portfolio for the end of his semester.  At home alone with the kittens, a mug of hot chocolate on a chilly, cloudy day, and listening to the soothing trickle of the kittens’ water fountain, I am feeling particularly at peace.

Most holidays are a grand affair in my household.  I love the hustle and bustle of preparing a fancy feast (cat puns, tee tee), laying the table, getting the ambiance just right… But today, I am sitting back with my mug, my cats, and a good book instead.  IMG_7597It feels good to relax.  It feels just right.

Today, I haven’t vacuumed.  I haven’t cleared the clutter of cardboard boxes I’ve kept for the kittens to play in.  I haven’t mopped the kitchen floor, or scrubbed the sink, or even decluttered the desk.

What I have done, though, is uncover a quiet, simple joy in laying the table for dinner, in making a few Easter dishes to go along with the Vermont’s own Harrington’s spiral ham we are grateful to my parents for providing us.  I am delighting in the peace of falling into a good book (for anyone looking for a new read, Rachel Lyons’ debut Self-Portrait with Boy, is phenomenal [the link brings you to the NPR article that drove me to get this read]) and hours of warm snuggles on the couch with sleeping kittens under our throw blanket.

Life is busy.  I have finished one graduate quarter, only to begin another tomorrow morning.  There is constant hustle and bustle in everyone’s lives.  It is so important to remember that we all need our own time to decompress.  I have spent this holiday on doing just that.

I think that this post celebrates a gentle yet triumphant return to CornsilkDoll.  I cannot wait to share what I have been up to with you all.  Happy Easter, and a light-hearted April Fool’s Day, to you all!

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