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My Week in Commodities

It has been an exciting week for us here: we’ve finally started a few preparations for our move out of state!  Between slowly finding new homes for some items and furniture, as well as donating or disposing of other items, Sawyer and I are weeding… Read More

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My Week in Commodities

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean that you detest having things.  On my minimalist journey – in fact – I’ve found that the things I do have are the things I love.  These beloved commodities are the ones I want to share with you.

This mid-morning glass of local Strafford Organic Creamery chocolate milk (not to mention the bucolic glass bottle).IMG_5855


This lovely notepad & terrarium space.IMG_5844


This elegantly-framed watercolor painting by Sawyer’s grandfather and renowned architect, Louis “Grumps” de Moll.IMG_5840


This understated package for my mom this Mother’s Day.IMG_5905


These simple illustrations by local Vermont artist Jess Polanshek, hung in our kitchen.